About Us

This is our crew!  Family pictures always seem to be last minute, but when we are all together, we have the best time! We are blessed to live here at Smith Rock State Park. We love our quiet little space and appreciate being able to walk to the park where there is so much beauty! 

Angela has spent her career teaching high school Health and Physical Education. She was also a college basketball player, and can still be found on the sidelines, coaching high school girls for 29 years! The family decided to jump into this nut roasting business as a side gig, because every teacher needs a side hustle, right? We started Smith Rock Nut Roasters in August of 2018 and it continues to grow.  We are excited to see where this takes us! 

We have 3 daughters:  Margo, McKaylie and Brynn. We also added our sweet Golden Retriever, Lucy, to our family in November 2020!  We all share the love of the outdoors, which includes hiking, kayaking, rafting and camping.  We are blessed to live in Central Oregon where we can enjoy a little bit of everything!   

Thank you for supporting us and our family operated business. We love connecting with people!